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Pick and Pack

Accepting shipments and storing goods are only part of a successful warehouse management operation. Customers who don’t receive the right items 100% of the time charge back, and they’re no longer customers.

Complete supply chain management for small and large retailers includes pick and pack – accepting small and large product shipments, disassembling them, storing them, picking out the products for each destination, packaging those products with labels and invoices, and then shipping them to your customer.

Howard Logistics specializes in the pick and pack market with clients ranging from large (15,000 sku’s and 1,500 shipments each day) to small (only a few items and a few daily orders.) Howard’s state of the art Warehouse Management System assembles orders quickly from the time you verify payment, and keeps cost low with simple interfaces and low learning curves for low cost labor forces, case content labeling for greater accuracy and recipient convenience, and other safeguards that assure 100% accuracy, zero defects, and complete customer satisfaction.

Whether you have thousands of orders a day, or just one, you can focus on your business, while Howard Logistics focuses on accepting goods and delivering orders.

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